Turkish University Offers Scholarships for Pakistani Students
The Students who want to study abroad, particularly in Turkey.

Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Prospective students aiming for advanced education overseas, notably in Turkey, can now seize the chance to realize their academic ambitions. TED University representatives in Ankara revealed generous scholarship offerings for Pakistani students enrolling in 23 undergraduate and 17 graduate programs for the Fall 2024 term.

Scholarship Opportunities and Admission Requirements

At the Devcom-Pakistan webinar, TED University’s international program officials disclosed scholarship opportunities for new students, ranging from 25% to 100%, contingent upon their academic accomplishments and other credentials. Pakistani applicants will be waived from the GRE or English language proficiency exams.

Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Pakistani Students’s Distinctive Features

Can Öney, representing the International Programmes Office, underscored TED University’s esteemed reputation in Ankara, emphasizing its distinguished faculty committed to student welfare. The university provides an array of amenities encompassing education, healthcare, and recreation, all accessible without charge.

Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

The undergraduate programs are offered through five faculties encompassing architecture, psychology, mathematics, and various engineering fields. On the other hand, graduate programs encompass diverse areas such as data science, economics, and engineering management.

Student Population and Academic Environment

TED University currently hosts approximately 5,000 students, sustaining an advantageous faculty-to-student ratio of 24:1, guaranteeing individualized support. Students are encouraged to participate in collaborative projects, academic endeavors, and research undertakings alongside faculty mentors.

Testimonial from the Head of the International Student Community

Haares Munir, serving as Head of the International Student Community, shared his sentiment of belonging and lauded the university’s nurturing atmosphere. He highlighted the presence of health, sports, recreational amenities, and leadership cultivation prospects.

Encouragement for Active Participation

Students are urged to engage in outdoor educational pursuits and recreational ventures, enhancing their university journey.

Language Proficiency and Cultural Integration

Proficiency in Turkish, or at least fundamental competency, is advocated to streamline communication with locals and navigate daily obstacles effectively.

Historical Bonds and Collaborative Potential

Scholarships for Pakistani Students: Devcom-Pakistan Executive Director Munir Ahmed emphasized the longstanding historical connections between Turkey and Pakistan, stressing the significance of bolstered cooperation across multiple domains.

Mutual Understanding

The exchange initiative between students from both nations seeks to cultivate mutual comprehension and fortify bilateral ties.

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Gratitude and Warm Welcome

Levent Ocal, Head of the International Programmes Office at TED University, extended appreciation to Pakistani mothers for their trust in Turkey’s educational system, highlighting the hospitable reception and fraternal atmosphere provided to Pakistani students within Turkey.

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