Unlocking Doors: Fulbright Scholarships Now Open for Pakistani Students
US Announces Fulbright Scholarships for Pakistani Students/How to Apply. Source: USEFP

The United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP) invites applications for the special Fulbright Scholarships Programme 2024. This program, supported by the US government, is a big chance for Pakistani students who want to study more in different areas like energy, water, farming, health, teaching, environmental science, and climate change.

Details about Applying and Everything Covered:

If you’re interested, make sure to apply on www.usefp.org by the deadline on February 28, 2024. The Fulbright scholarship covers a lot of things, like paying for your graduate studies, tuition, living expenses, insurance, and even your travel costs. It’s designed to support your complete academic journey. Those applying need to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and score at least 145 in both the reading and math parts. Also, finalists will be assessed using the Duolingo English Test to make sure they are good at communicating in English.

Ambassador’s Recognition:

Thinking about how the Fulbright Program has made a positive difference in Pakistan, US Ambassador Donald Blome praises the impressive accomplishments of Pakistani Fulbright recipients. These students have made valuable contributions in different areas, working towards social progress, fair opportunities, and improved laws. This aligns with the shared vision of the United States and Pakistan for a better future. Over the years, almost 3,000 Pakistani students have received fully funded scholarships through the Fulbright Program. Now, these scholars, after finishing their studies, are actively using their knowledge and skills in both public and private sectors, playing a big role in the development of society.

Opportunities Based on Skills:

Rita Akhtar, the Director of USEFP, warmly invites talented people, especially those from public universities and less privileged areas. She highlights that the program is open to everyone, and they pick participants based on their skills and abilities. The Fulbright Program wants to help people in Pakistan develop their talents. If you get a Fulbright award, you’re expected to come back to Pakistan after finishing your studies. The goal is to use the skills and knowledge you gained to help the country, promoting progress and the well-being of society.

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The Fulbright Scholarships Program isn’t just about studying; it’s a life-changing adventure. It helps Pakistani scholars become leaders for positive change, innovation, and progress in their communities and even beyond.

Deadline: Application Closing Date

The closing date for submissions for the Fulbright Scholarship Program 2025 is February 28, 2024.

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