Former PM Imran Khan’s Twitter Space session breaks world records
More than 446,000 people worldwide listened to Imran khan’s remarks before the Lahore rally. source:

Former PM Imran Khan and Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chairman broke the internet and probably a worldwide record on Twitter on Wednesday night. Furthermore,  About half a million users (over 446,000) worldwide have contacted Imran Khan via Spaces, a live stream on Twitter. The address was also streamed live on other forums for thousands, such as Facebook and Instagram. The average number of users listening at one time was 165,000.

Former PM Imran Khan breaks world Record:

Imran Khan, on April 20, 2022, came live on Twitter. Before the Lahore rally, Imran khan wanted to speak to the public about the rally and the country’s state. It was recorded that more than 165k people joined the visual session during Imran khan’s Twitter live. Wow, the storm of love this man is facing. This has broken the record for the previous Twitter space, namely, the k-pop lyrical space (44k +) and the analysis of the Salvador bill (27k +). Imran khan’s influence not only on Pakistanis but on the whole world is visible, and no one can deny this moment of truth.

Imran khan’s live Twitter :

During the live meeting, Imran Khan again answered public questions. Some inquired about the Lahore convention and the threats received. Khan Sahab said, “We will launch our liberation struggle in an area where the decision of a different country over the years has been made.” The former prime minister of Pakistan also urged people not to speak out or spread information against the military, saying, “we cannot live without our army,” emphasizing the importance of the army in Pakistan. Regarding the upcoming elections, the overthrow of the PTI, and the current political situation, Imran Khan said, “3.6 years ago it was difficult, and supporters continued to criticize. Submit us to the government as a majority so that we do not face criticism. ”

Media freedom:

Globalization emphasizes the importance of the media. This is what Imran khan talked about when he broke his record on live Twitter. Another basic message of the event was mentioned and heard loudly by the social media host. The traditional methods of reporting on electronic media and newspapers that used to use excessive research are now losing value. You will not be able to force a complete shutdown on all social media. How will you keep the word from spreading? And this is not a bad thing because you get to know facts and information about current events through these forums. Used properly, it can do wonders that no one else could have imagined.

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