Zara Naeem scored highest marks in ACCA exam worldwide.
Zara secured 96% among 527,000 students: source:

Zara secured 96% among 527,000 students:

Zara Naeem, Pakistani student accomplished the highest score 96% worldwide in the test for Financial Reporting for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) exams held in December 2020. She was among the 527,000 students who attempted the exam from 179 nations.

She has made the country very proud by scoring the best grades in the Financial Reporting exam around the world.

Zara gave all the credits to his father

Zara Naeem gave all the credits and acknowledgement to her dad who consistently support her to follow her dreams and study whatever she preferred. She said that seeing his gold medal he was granted with his MBA made me challenge myself to satisfy his gift by devoting myself completely to my studies.


Zara talks about her achievements, she said, doing ACCA was completely my decision. Most military families move like every year, so I generally realized I required a capability that guarantees adaptability and offers worldwide versatility. With more than 527,000 students in almost 179 nations studying and sitting similar exams, ACCA is the most ideal choice for the individuals who wish to go to good places.

She further said, she was able to accomplish such heavenly marks as she studied for exams with so much dedication. She added, whether you concentrate for two hours or 24 hours, concentrating with proper focus and assurance is important.

She added that focused study is the thing that one requirements to pass the tough exam, adding that she didn’t go to special classes for the exam, although, she needed to work hard for exams.

Global prize winner

Zara was announced a global prize winner after she got the best grades in an ACCA exam directed in December 2020

Aims and objectives

Zara desires to have her own counseling firm in Pakistan after she is finished with her studies. She is likewise a make-up lover who needs to teach individuals about it.

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