The solar eclipse will be visible in Pakistan tomorrow.

An annular solar eclipse happens when the Moon covers the Sun’s middle, leaving the Sun’s outward borders to produce a ‘ring of fire’ is also called ‘annular solar eclipse’, aro­u­nd the Moon,” Nadeem Faisal, who leads the Met dep­artment’s atmosphere information handling centre.

The solar eclipse will be noticeable in the nation for a few hours. This will black out the sky for right around 1 moment and 22 seconds.

He said the eclipse would be noticeable in Pakistan and parts of Africa, northern India and China. The partial eclipse will start at 8:46am and end at 2:34pm ‘PST’. He said, it will be at its top at 11:40am.

Fawad Chaudhry, the government Minister for Science and Technology, warned the individuals against focusing instantly at the eclipse as it can harm the eyes.

The ministry said that as per the National Aeronautics and Space Adm­i­nistration ‘Nasa’, objects like shades of any sort, shading film, medical X-ray, and smoked glass should never be utilized to watch a solar eclipse.

The ministry warned the individuals, the ‘UV’ radiation can destroy the eyes, causing everlasting harm or even blindness. This can happen if your eyes are presented to coordinate daylight for only a couple of moments.

There will be four lunar where two lunar eclipse have just happened for the current year and two solar eclipse during this year. The second solar eclipse will happen on December 14, however it won’t be obvious in Pakistan.

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