Monthly Lottery: Pakistan Plans To Launch UAE-Like Monthly Lottery
The government is exploring a plan to introduce a monthly lottery. source:

The government is considering a proposal to introduce a monthly lottery to strengthen its treasurer during a financial crisis. According to sources, the proposal is one of the many ‘out of the box’ suggestions offered by investors experts to help the government avoid collapse. However, it is suggested that the lottery proceeds be used for development projects, such as hospitals, training centers, and fundraising.

 Monthly Lottery Scheme:

Similar programs have successfully implemented in several developed countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and Malaysia. Moreover, the government is likely to establish a working group soon after examining the legal aspects of the program and assessing its economic impact.

The strategy:

A similar initiative was launched before the 1989 South Asian Football Association (SAF) Games in Islamabad. A large sum was made, but the lottery was canceled after several religious ruled that it was un-Islamic, even likening it to gambling and betting.

According to financial experts:

In this case, the government plans to seek the opinion of religious scholars before conducting a lottery. However, according to financial experts, the idea will be to confront the International Monetary Fund that aid to the general public should not be subsidized because it puts a heavy burden on the public fund.

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