Photo Source: LeafScience
Photo Source: LeafScience

According to the world health organization one person dies in every 2 seconds.

This is normal and What’s not normal is taking your own life. The Suicide rates are growing and a person commit suicide in every 40 seconds.

Why people choose to take their own life away? There are reasons

  • People have no more reason to live e.g. No more loved ones or no more education, job or any other reason.
  • People are suffering mentally and cannot bear anymore mental stress so they eventually take their own life away. Mental illness can be depression, anxiety or insecurity 

This is a serious issue that people are neglecting and Guyana of south Africa has the most suicides in the world. (according to world health organization)

Well the question arises that is really death in the option left which people needs to know that death ends the life not the suffering but Your purpose should be to end the problem not to quit the problem.

We need to reach out for help if we need to because it’s the only way. When you try others try their best.

Other people should always go further to help the certain person as he or she is not okay so show your love to them and be always ready to help and tell them that they can do it and you’re going to support them.

Well, we will conclude this with a quote ‘suicide doesn’t take away they pain it gives it to someone else”        

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