Govt decided to take strict action against all the people who have been selling plasma in the country.

The doctors have discovered plasma treatment or passive vaccination treatment effectual for the serious patients of coronavirus, which has protect many lives in Pakistan.

It was found out that mafia in Punjab working with the blood plasma of healed patients of COVID-19, making a large number of rupees from the illegal business

The unethical trade of plasma began after the legislature authorized it to be utilized for the treatment of CIVID-19 patients.

Dr. Shamsi had found out that the blood plasma being sold at the cost of up to one lac rupees for every donation. He prior said that two lives can be secure by means of plasma of one healed patient of coronavirus, including that number of COVID-19 cases are on the high rise in the nation.

He said an individual can again give plasma following multi week of first donation including that 80 percent of the coronavirus patients generally healed after plasma treatment.

The Ministry of National Health Services has chosen to make strict move against all the individuals who have been selling plasma in the nation.

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