How to Book, Ticket Price, Schedule for Pak China Bus Service
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Pak China Bus Service is a joint venture between Pakistan and China that provides a comfortable and affordable mode of transportation for people traveling between the two countries. Operated by Faisal Movers, one of the leading bus services in Pakistan, the Pak China Bus Service has become a popular choice for those who desire to travel to China for business or leisure.

How to Book:

Booking a Pak China Bus Service ticket is easy and can be done online or at any Faisal Movers terminal. The website of Faisal Movers provides all the necessary information regarding the availability of tickets, departure and arrival timings, and bus fares. Customers can also choose their preferred seat and pay for their ticket using a credit or debit card. It is suggested to book tickets in advance to avoid any inconvenience and to ensure that seats are available on the desired date.

Documents Required :

  • Original CNIC + Copy
  • Original Passport + Copy
  • Valid Visa
  • Invitation Letter from China (VISA CATEGORY F&M)

Ticket Price:

The ticket price for Pak China Bus Service varies depending on the destination, class of travel, and the season. The bus service offers two categories of travel: executive and economy. The economy class provides comfortable seating with air-conditioning. However,  the executive class is equipped with comfortable reclining seats, air-conditioning, and personal entertainment screens. The fares for the executive class are higher than the economy class, but both classes offer affordable prices for customers.

Route for Pak China Bus Service:

The Pak China Bus Service has a fixed schedule that operates on specific days of the week. The buses depart from Lahore and Islamabad and arrive in China. The journey time can vary depending on the traffic and weather conditions, but the average travel time is around 30 hours. The bus service provides a safe and secure mode of travel, with trained and experienced drivers who follow all safety regulations. Furthermore, The Pak China Bus Service by Faisal Movers follows a route from Islamabad to Tashkurgan in China via the Khunjerab Pass. The bus will route via Naran, Babusar Top, Chilas, Gilgit, Hunza, and Khunjerab Pass. The total Distance from Islamabad to Tashkurgan is approximately 864 KM.

Ticket cost:

Pak China Bus Service provides an excellent opportunity for people who want to explore Pakistan and China’s cultural and historical richness. The service facilitates travel between the two countries and helps strengthen the relationship between Pakistan and China. Moreover, the service provides a cost-effective mode of transportation for people who want to travel between the two countries without spending much money on airfares. For a one-way journey, the ticket price for Faisal Movers Bus Service from Lahore to China (Tashkurgan) is Rs. 54,000 per seat. Similarly, the ticket fare for the same service from Islamabad to China (Tashkurgan) is Rs. 50,000 per seat for a one-way trip.


In conclusion, Pak China Bus Service by Faisal Movers is an excellent option for people who want to travel between Pakistan and China. The service provides a comfortable, safe, and affordable mode of transportation that allows people to explore both countries’ beauty and cultural richness. The service is an excellent choice for people traveling between the two countries with an easy booking process, a fixed schedule, and cheap fares.

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