Saeed Ghani said reopening of schools is being delayed over fears of the spread of COVID-19.
Reopening of secondary schools: SOURCE: GEO.TV

Sindh education minister Saeed Ghani on Friday declared that the resuming of schools for sixth, seventh and eighth graders is being postponed over fears of the spread of COVID-19 as educational organizations have been seen to have failed in upholding SOPs.

Ghani said that students from these grades will be approached to rejoin school on September 28, subject to if the COVID-19 circumstance better. He said in this period, the provincial government will observe how the following of SOPs can be better upheld.

Ghani said that kids’ wellbeing can’t be avoid for the sake of securing the misfortunes caused by schools and for recovering the loss of learning for kids that has gathered since COVID-19.

The minister said that the choice will be surveyed before September 28. I will connect with the federal ministers and will demand a gathering of the between provincial education ministers committee so a similar choice is taken the nation over.

We need schools to reopen however when they do, we ought to be free from any concern that if they do go to class they won’t be so exposed to the danger of getting any sickness.

Meanwhile, I will say, not all private schools performed ineffectively in maintaining the safety precautions. I left away very impressed by some of them in the manner in which SOPs were followed. I was satisfied. A few, in any case, were totally not following SOPs, Saeed Ghani said.

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