SHC directed the petitioner to make Solid Waste Management a party to the petition against garbage.

A two-member bench involving Justice Khadim Hussain M Sheik and Justice Arshad Hussain Khan held a conference on the matter of bundles of dirt and trash in Karachi. The appointed authorities of Sindh High Court were disheartened to see the photos of trash and dirt. Justice Khadim Hussain Sheik directly called Sindh Local Government Secretary.

The Sindh government’s lawyer declared that it was the duty of DMCs and KMCs to get trash from Karachi. Justice Khadim Hussain M. Sheik commented that the individuals of KMC continue saying that we don’t get funds and we are not authorized to work.

Justice Khadim Hussain in a discussion with the lawyer of Sindh government said that when you don’t offer funds to KMC, why not work yourself? Justice Khadim Hussain commented that dirt and trash in Karachi will one day become big problem for all of us.

The court, while communicating temper at the Deputy Secretary Local Government, commented that there is such a great amount of trash in Karachi, so what move have you made against those answerable? Moreover Advocate General Safdar Ali said that waste disposable is likewise the activity of solid waste administration however it has not been caused a party in the appeal.

The court ordered the petitioner to make solid waste administration a gathering. The court looked for answer from the Deputy Secretary Local Government Department and others at the following hearing and dismissed the meeting till July 29. The court commented that trash ought to be gathered from various places and discarded.

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