The PM Imran said that the construction and development project of Gwadar is a game-changer.

The Prime Minister said that the development and advancement project of Gwadar is a ‘game changer’ for Balochistan as well as for the whole region. So as to completely profit by the projects of Gwadar and CPEC, it is important to construct a road network in Balochistan.

The gathering analyzed different projects for the national advancement plan, particularly for the improvement of in underdeveloped and far away regions of Balochistan, better usage of water services, agriculture, energy, the foundation of border markets and utilizing Gwadar Port.

He said that in the past financial assets were given to Balochistan however their actual use for the welfare of the individuals was totally ignored which not just left a huge part of the region in underdeveloped but also underprivileged the individuals.

The Prime Minister said that we are completely aware of the feeling of poverty of the individuals of Balochistan which each try is being made to discard.

Prime minister Imran Khan has said that guaranteeing total law and order in Balochistan area and financial improvement is the first concern of the administration.

Specifically, unique consideration ought to be paid to giving business chances to the youth and building infrastructure.

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