FBR launched a confidential system for taxpayers to register complaints.
New complaint correction mechanism: Source: arynews.tv

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) launched a confidential system for taxpayers to register a complaint of corruption, unethical lead, and rent-seeking against any FBR official with no fear of revenge.

Integrity committees set up for taxpayer complaints

The FBR has continuously sought after the approach of zero-tolerance against rent-seeking and corruption, to check such dishonest practices across Inland Revenue (IR) Field Formations.

Integrity Committees were set up both at the Head-office. At each Field where-under, any resident citizen taxpayer having any complaint against an official could move toward the committee and file a complaint.

The new mechanism will hide the identity of the complaint

The FBR’s representative said that the new mechanism would cover the complainant’s character to ease fears in regards to any reaction from an authority. The complaints would be opened, recognized, and treated according to the law privately. The specification of the complainants would quickly conceal and encoded to protect them against any unnecessary results.

The complaint would file on the given number

All complaints will get by Member (Inland Revenue-Operations) himself on a particularly given cellphone +92-0345-5555507, which would be in his own belonging only.

The SOP for filing and treating complaints against officials incorporates registration of protests by the complainant through an instant message at the referenced cell number on WhatsApp.

Nature of complaint

Leaning on upon the complaint’s idea and the proof gave, the matter would take a logical result in the shortest time. In any case, the representative said that careless, unsupported, or summed-up complaints would not operate .

Also, for regular complaints other than corruption-related, taxpayers can keep on using the forum of Pakistan Citizen Portal, Integrity Management Cell, and Helpline to correct their complaints other than this recently settled component of complaint resolution.

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