Rawalpindi starts new Vehicle Inspection Certificate System
Govt Launches Vehicle Inspection Certificate System. source: propakistani.pk

Rawalpindi district administration has installed Vehicle Inspection Certificate System (VICS) at Chur Chowk, Peshawar Road, to issue fitness certificates for light commercial vehicles. This facility has a price of Rs. 700 for a fitness certificate. However, the center inspects and issues fitness certificates for small vehicles such as taxis, rickshaws, mini-vans, motorcycle rickshaws, and three-wheeler loaders. In particular, this aims to promote light commercial vehicles in the Twin Cities suburbs.

Reduce environmental pollution:

Light commercial vehicles (LCVs) such as vans, mini-busses, and small trucks continue to receive fitness certificates from the facility near Mandra. However, LCV drivers want the local governments to have their Chur Chowk-based center issue the vehicle’s fitness certificate. Moreover, the government is promoting light commercial vehicles in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and surrounding areas due to the fear of environmental pollution. This organization ordered law enforcement agencies to take serious action against environmentally unfit vehicles.

Action against environmentally unfit vehicles.

Authorities have started cracking down on drivers, conductors, and vehicle owners for overcharging their customers. Rawalpindi Noor Amin Mangal has ordered the authorities to remove all illegal terminals. The District Regional Transport Authority (DRTA) has removed eight illegal bus stands in Pirwadhai. Moreover, Local and long-haul transport companies are openly looting the public by charging double or triple fares. About four days ago, the local administration warned transport companies to reduce freight rates by 20 percent as the government slashed POL prices. However, carriers trash orders of local management and continue to charge extra fares as usual.

Crackdown against transporters for overcharging:

The department filed 34 FIRs, impounded 54 vehicles, and arrested 29 motorists and drivers for overcharging. The repression will continue until further notice from the government.


The Vehicle Inspection Certificate System was created to facilitate small vehicles such as taxis, rickshaws, Suzuki pickups, and motorcycle rickshaws. People had trouble getting car clearance certificates in a remote area near Mandra.

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