Pakistani Short film “Bhai” All Over Goes to Make Pakistanis Pride Over
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Pakistan’s trend for short films has been growing and reaching higher heights recently. One such short film that comes international audiences is “Bhai,” directed at the TIFF. Here’s why it’s so special

“Bhai” – The Managing Team

“Bhai” is a short Pakistani film directed by Hamza Bangash. Mina Husain of the Pakistan Institute of Living and Learning (PILL) and Salman Ahmed are the leading filmmakers. It is produced jointly by Taha Sabri of Taskeen and Westbury Group. Carol Noronha works as a producer and Ammar Ul Haque as a DOP. The lead team is brilliant as it comes, which is why the film has done so much.

Movie Story

The short film Bhai is about two brothers. One of them is in autism, and the film explores shame, trauma, and brotherhood. In our society, autism is poorly understood, and it is impossible to find the right resources for it. It is treated as a hopeless case. However, the film portrays the brother on the spectrum as simply “differently-abled,” a term we have yet to adopt.

Why is this film Special?

This film is very fantastic because it casts a person on the spectrum to act as a sideman. Usually, neuro-ordinary people/actors are made to work in these roles. “Bhai” is faithful to its manifestation. Seeing a person with a mental illness will open our eyes. It has the potential to make the audience more sensitive to autism.

Director’s views:

Hamza Bangash, director and filmmaker, hopes to make a difference in his decision. By throwing a disabled person differently in his short film, he hopes to make a case for a small group. He believes they deserve a chance, as do neurotypical people. Pakistani society/industry has nothing to do with this.

Bangash also believes that different disabled people can give a lot to the industry through their poor play. This also does not apply only to those with a further disability. If there is a transgender role, instead of converting men/women into one, make real transgender.


Not surprisingly, “Bhai” has taken the place of one of the world’s most prestigious and unique film festivals, the “Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).” The festival will kick off in September, making us all proud beyond belief.

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