Sabaat is latest drama serial began broadcasting at HUM TV and it appears as though a story dependent on the incompatibility between social classes. The drama serial is composed by Kashif Anwar and coordinated by Shehzad Kashmiri.

Miraal as Sarah Khan. She is a stubborn and money-oriented lady, who thinks cash can purchase anything and anybody. While she has represented generally humble roles in past dramas, but in this drama Miraal Khan represents the ‘spoilt rich lady’ perfectly on-screen. She is spoilt by her dad. She is being bossy with her fiancé as though he is her servant.

The manner in which she impolitely always talks with her old grandmother is so unmannerly, she has no sympathy or understanding for her Nani though her Nani is over and again revealing to her that she helps her to remember her past and she doesn’t need her to repeat each one of those slip-ups she has done yet this is making her much angrier.

She is seen attempting to control everyone’s lives, including that of her brother Hassan (Ameer Gilani). As she is bossy and wants that everyone supports her decision whether it is wrong or right.

Anaya Mirza as Mawra Hocane. She is a free lively, wise, intelligent and confident lady, who has a strong handle on her qualities. Her caring relationship with father when she welcomes her father after his retirement, and shows the amount she values her relationship with her parents.

She is planning to begin a campaign at her University for the advancement of working women and to remain against work environment harassment. She has won the gold medal on her task.

Hassan as Ameer Gilani. He is simply like her sister Miraal is a ruined and a self-important boy who believes that he has the option to govern the world and nobody has the privilege to top anything with the exception of himself. His pride is everything.

The story begins where, when Anaya her class fellow whom he generally used to look down has exceeded him in the task competition and she is respected with the gold medal and he got the second position. It is hard for him to process it. Hassan loses his cool and attempts to offend Anaya by throwing her project and attempts to embarrass her for her middle class family however in returned Anaya unhesitatingly faces him and he gets offended by her. He begins feeling that she is correct, he needs to change himself, he ought not to depend not on his dad’s money.

The twist comes in the story when Miraal went to his brother’s university because she thinks that Anaya is taking interest in his brother because he is rich and popular and she belongs to middle class family, but there she hits Anaya but Anaya didn’t remain there quietly and hear Miraal yell at her. The slap was unquestionably inappropriate yet it was a direct result of it that we got the opportunity to see Anaya’s solid character. She attempted to hit Miraal back and was not scared by her. Later on too she wasn’t frightened of going alone to Miraal’s home and going up against her.

Miraal is not accepting the fact that her brother was impacted by somebody other than her. She just wanted to control Hassan’s life so that he cannot interact with Anaya but Hassan start liking Anaya and her personality how she is and he starts dreaming about getting married to Anaya but Miraal’s curiosity is growing day by day.

On the other hand the relationship between the Miraal and Naani is so different but at the point when her naani died is going to influence Miraal over the long run. So looking at naani’s photos made Miraal understand that her naani was right. Naani’s communications with Miraal consistently recommended that she needed to bond with her granddaughter yet some way or another she never show Miraal pictures from her younger days to cause her to understand that she for sure resembled her. The manner in which her naani’s words came to disturb her over and over and furthermore mirrored the underline blame she felt however it wasn’t something she was going to address. Despite the fact that she continued considering all the warnings her naani gave her, there was positively no adjustment in her attitude. In actuality, she is still determined to prove her dead naani wrong.

Hassan’s feelings for Anaya changing day by day, he startedto help her and Anaya also start liking him. He then proposed her and Anaya said yes. He talked to his parents about Anaya and asked them to go at Anaya’s place for her proposal. Hassan’s father went there and everything was going according to his plan he insulted Anaya parents and Anaya heard everything his parents said to her parents, but Hasaan father told him that Anaya parents refused the proposal. Miraal after hearing all this she felt so happy because she exactly wants this to happen.

Hasan decided to go to Anaya’s house and that is when he found out what actually happened about his father planning at the end left his house but his mother somehow managed to stop him. But when his father saw Hassan changing behavior towards him he changed his decision for his son and said yes that he can marry to Anaya, but he was not ready to go to Anaya’s home. He likewise thought that he expected to get his daughter’s approval but Miraal was not happy as usual.

With every passing episode the drama is getting interesting and all the characters up till doing amazing job, the writer has focused on tiny detail of this drama from Miraal character to Anaya’s character. There are a lot more twist to come about how Miraal will realize that her dead nani was right and she her perspective is wrong. How Anaya and Hassan will get back after all this blunder.

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