How To Apply: King AbdulAziz University Scholarship 2024 in Saudi Arabia
Applications are open for the King Abdul Aziz University Scholarship 2024. image source:

The King AbdulAziz University Scholarship for the academic year 2024-25 in Saudi Arabia is accepting applications. This scholarship opportunity is open to international students worldwide. It is a fully funded program that supports students pursuing bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD degrees. Applicants must complete an approved English proficiency exam as part of the application process.

Embracing Education at Any Stage :

Understanding that individuals may pursue education at different stages in life is a commendable perspective. While the journey towards education may vary, the importance of striving for knowledge remains constant. Scholarships serve as valuable resources for those aspiring to continue their education. Recently, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has unveiled a new scholarship program for postgraduate students, presenting a unique chance to pursue advanced studies at King AbdulAziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

HEC’s Latest Scholarship Endeavor:

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) recently introduced an exciting scholarship opportunity. This program is designed for postgraduate students, allowing them to pursue academic pursuits at King Abdul-Aziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Notably, this initiative extends beyond the traditional academic timeline, allowing individuals who have completed their bachelor’s degree to vie for a coveted Master’s program scholarship.

Opening Doors to Advanced Education:

Highlighting the significance of education, the HEC has rolled out a new scholarship program. This initiative creates pathways for postgraduate studies at King Abdul-Aziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Importantly, the program welcomes applicants who have already completed their bachelor’s degree, providing them with a valuable opportunity to secure a scholarship for a Master’s program.

HEC Scholarship For Saudi Arabia:

The HEC Scholarship for Saudi Arabia offers a unique opportunity, particularly catering to non-Saudi candidates residing in Pakistan who are interested in pursuing education abroad. HEC strongly encourages eligible Pakistani students to apply for these scholarships, highlighting King Abdul-Aziz University’s commitment to facilitating postgraduate studies for qualified candidates.

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Prospective applicants can pursue a Master’s program in either a technical or non-technical field based on their interests. However, there are specific eligibility criteria that applicants need to consider:

  • Possession of a university degree from an accredited institution.
  • Certification of all documents by the Saudi embassy or the institution where the degree was acquired.
  • Attainment of at least a “very good” rating.
  • Age limit of 30 years for Master’s programs and 35 years for PhD programs.
  • Submission of two academic recommendations from previous professors is mandatory.
  • Completing a general aptitude test for university graduates with a minimum score of 65.
  • English language proficiency is required unless the applicant qualifies as an English-speaking country.
  • Regular residency in the Kingdom is mandatory; job approval stamped by the Chamber of Commerce is required for employment.
  • Note that health specializations are not accepted under this scholarship.

Applying For Masters:

Detailed information about the scholarship program and application procedures can be found on the university’s website, HEC advises interested students to direct any inquiries related to the scholarship program directly to the respective university, which can help them speed up the process. We hope many students can qualify for this program and head to Saudi Arabia for higher education.

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