Starting next week government will use all the resources to reduce skyrocketing food prices,PM

Prime minister Imran Khan has declared that starting next week, his legislature will utilize all the resources at its to cut down high prices of food items in the nation.

Moreover, Minister of State for Industries and Production Hammad Azhar said imported wheat and sugar will be delivered at control rates by territories to ease the inflationary weight on the majority.

The prime minister said the administration is as of now inquiring the purposes for the ongoing climb in the prices of food things.

He further said the legislature is examining if there is an authentic supply lack, supplying by mafias, smuggling or an increase in international prices.

Prime minister Imran Khan said the legislature was checking if the price climb might be because of a rise in international price for palm oil, lentils or some other thing.

Hammad Azhar tweeted, South Asia has seen a temporary food inflation spike. Government will take everything estimates required to decrease costs of basic products. Imported wheat and sugar will be delivered at control rates by territories. All alternatives are being inquired for other commodities.

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