Cryptocurrency - Pakistan Is Among 15 Top Countries in Adopting Crypto
The cryptocurrency continues to grow globally source:

Pakistan is among the top 15 countries in cryptocurrency adoption:

Nowadays, cryptocurrency is rapidly growing all over the world. In this regard, on the basis of trading metrics, the blockchain data marketplace chain analysis reported the worldwide adoption of cryptocurrency. According to the graph, the ratio is getting higher with every passing day.

Furthermore, according to recent reports, Russia, as well as Ukraine, are the leading areas in the adoption of crypto. Besides these two countries, the USA, China and Japan also appear in this race.

Some countries of African state is also contributing in this adoption program:

Moreover, some of the big spots of African nations which are enlisted in the list of top 20 Crypto adoption regions include Kenya. This state comes in number 5th position. Additionally, South Africa comes at the position of number seven and Nigeria is standing at the 8th position with comfort.

Also, when it comes to Asia, Pakistan is sitting at the 15th position on the world’s map of cryptocurrency adoption. In this regard, the Chain Analysts says that Pakistan received around 1.5 Billion in the cash amount through Crypto, last year.


Also, it’s said that if the crypto transactions have been made easier, then these 1.5 billion figure would be doubled or tripled by 2021. Moreover, besides Pakistan, other Asian Countries also show interest in the adoption of cryptocurrency.

In this regard, China comes in 4th, Vietnam at 10th position. Moreover, India is 11th, Thailand 12th, and South Korea stands at 17th position. Furthermore, the areas of the Middle East also take part in this adoption. However, there are some regions that cannot contribute to crypto adoption.


As a matter of fact, many businesses and consumers are attaching to this blockchain all over the world. As many marketplaces show their interest in these blockchains, many newcomers will join this chain in the near future.

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