The latest prices of PTA-approved iPhone 15 models in Pakistan 2023
November 2023 Rates for PTA-Approved Apple iPhone 15 in Pakistan

The Buzz Around iPhone 15 in Pakistan

The Apple iPhone 15 series, launched in September, has quickly become a sensation in Pakistan. Despite the absence of an official Apple Store, local sellers initially took advantage of its scarcity, resulting in skyrocketing prices.

Initial Surge and Rarity

In the early days, prices, especially for the top variant, 15 Pro Max, soared to Rs960,000. This surge was attributed to the limited availability, with only a few stores having the latest flagship in stock.

Stabilization of Prices

Fortunately, the market has now stabilized, offering potential buyers a clearer picture of the iPhone series prices in Pakistan.

PTA-Approved Prices in November 2023

Here’s a breakdown of the updated PTA-approved prices for each model in Pakistan, categorized by storage capacity and model specifications.

iPhone 15 Series Pricing Details

  • Standard Models
    • 128GB: Rs445,000
    • 256GB: Rs470,000
    • 512GB: Rs550,000
  • iPhone 15 Plus Series
    • 128GB: Rs412,500
    • 256GB: Rs500,000
    • 512GB: Rs570,000
  • Pro Series
    • 128GB: Rs484,000
    • 256GB: Rs570,000
    • 512GB: Rs595,500
    • 1TB: Rs710,000
  • Pro Max Series
    • 256GB: Rs665,000
    • 512GB: Rs745,000
    • 1TB: Rs815,000 (highest price)

Features and Considerations

These prices include PTA approval, ensuring compliance with local regulations. The iPhone 15 Pro Max 1TB, at Rs815,000, stands out with its Pro camera system, A17 Pro chip, 4441 mAh battery, and 15W MagSafe wireless charging.

Future Speculation: 16 Pro Max

Rumors hint at the continuation of the A17 Pro chip in the anticipated iPhone 16 Pro Max next year.

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Buying Tips and Warnings

While prices may still vary depending on the retailer, it is advisable to opt for PTA-approved iPhones to avoid potential issues. Purchasing Joint Venture (JV) iPhones, although cheaper initially, may lead to future complications, such as being blacklisted by Apple due to unpaid dues.

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