Coronavirus Vaccinations Begin for People Aged Beyond 40 years
About one hundred and 50 thousand vaccines are administered daily. source:

Islamabad – Govt provides Coronavirus vaccinations to the aged community:

Coronavirus vaccinations are ready to save the lives of people all over Pakistan. Doctor Faisal Sultan, the special assistant to national health services, says that the vaccines for people above forty years are starting today, i.e., 4th May 2021. While talking to the media in Islamabad, Doctor Faisal says, “about one hundred and fifty thousand coronavirus vaccinations are registered, and our objective is to cater around three hundred thousand.”

The Government of Pakistan takes a great initiative:

The government of Pakistan persists in a grand planned-out scheme to acquire coronavirus vaccinations. The government has signed the agreement of around thirty thousand vaccines so far. It is a good and successful deal.

While addressing the media, Doctor Faisal Sultan says that around 19 million coronavirus vaccination doses will be obtained in July 2021. “We do not depend on donations. This is because the government of Pakistan purchases about ninety percent of vaccines,” Dr. Sultan cleared up.

Furthermore, he says that our target is to provide vaccines to about seventy million people by the end of 2021. In this regard, the local filling of one dose of CanSino (coronavirus vaccination Dosage) is about to be initiated in Pakistan.

“The National Institute of Health prepares about three million doses of the vaccine every month.”  A Doctor Faisal further states. Additionally, “These doses will reduce our reliance on the imported vaccination doses.”

To Conclude:

For now, no one can be careless about the coronavirus. Everyone must take the vaccine to survive in this situation. Every day, we are facing the loss of several lives, and the reason is the same. To tackle this condition, everyone has to perform their duty and take precautionary measures to prevent themselves from the breath-taking virus. There is no other option.

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