The Sindh High Court hinted at suspending the license of K Electric.

The Sindh Court, hearing the appeal, Justice Khadim Hussain commented that the individuals of Karachi are in terrible crisis because of the power blackout and unannounced load shedding.


While hearing the appeal against load shedding in Karachi areas in spite of the relief, indicated to cancelling the license of K Electric and commented that everybody is pointing fingers at K Electric, its license ought to be suspended.

During the hearing, the judge asked what move was made against the individuals who loot the electricity. On which the legal advisor of K Electric said that the files have been discard from numerous regions of the city and the electrical cables have likewise been changed.

On this, Justice Khadim Hussain Sheik commented that the city is currently in disturbance, load shedding is going on, what number of cases of intensity robbery have been made?

On which the legal counselor of K Electric said that there are numerous regions where our groups can’t go, in certain places individuals discard the hook lines and set them back on.

On which, Justice Arshad Hussain Khan asked how a typical man can put a hook on enormous wires.

Justice Khadim Hussain Sheik commented that we already know that electricians are just making lots of money and wasteful individuals have been enrolled.

He included his comments that if individuals re-apply the hooks, it implies your organization is not sufficient.

The court later commanded the discard of wires and unannounced load shedding and on August 25 looked for an advancement report from K Electric’s administration

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