Picture: Bun Kabab and Seekh Kabab - Karachi famous food
Picture: Bun Kabab and Seekh Kabab - Karachi famous food

In Pakistan, Lahore is well known for its seared fish, Quetta for its sajji and Peshawar for its karhai however Karachi doesn’t have only one food thing it is known for; the metropolitan city is a blend of societies and flavors from everywhere throughout the nation.

As you most likely are aware, it’s a grand errand to confine any food guide of the city to just three things, yet in the wake of getting various solicitations to gather a rundown, and consistent inquiries from voyagers about ‘must-eat’ things in Karachi.

1-Hot N Spicy Chicken Chutney Roll

Fire flame broiled delicate boneless chicken tikka pieces firmly wrapped in a fresh paratha: The ideal food for a city always moving.

In the event that there is one food that characterizes Karachi, it is the chicken move; snappy, helpful and modest.

Hot N Spicy and Eaton were two of the main restaurants to make the tart yogurt based sauce that is currently a staple in many rolls. Both A-One and Eaton overflows with Phase II Defense advertise were my top picks before Hot n Spicy turned into the market leader. The Hot N Spicy chutney is currently as pivotal to a Karachi move as the paratha or the chicken.

2-Meerath Kabab House – Chicken Behari Tikka

Before the roll portrayed the hustling clamoring city that is Karachi. The more excellent tikka paratha mix managed the city.

The chicken behari tikka is made more with green chillis as opposed to the red conventional chicken tikka. Chicken behari will in general be progressively delicate as well. The Meerath variety softens in your mouth; you can nearly feel the city on your taste buds.

The firm deep fried paratha superbly supplements it: to such an extent that Meerath Kabab House doesn’t serve their clients naan.

3-Noorani – Katakat

For the more brave foodies among us, the katakat is something other than food. It is theater. The thrilling sound of the sharp blades falling hard on the karhai to cut up various organs into a blend of flavors makes sitting tight for the food all the more energizing.

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