Aloe vera is not only good for external uses but for internal uses as well.

For hundreds of years aloe vera has been the primary ingredient in the making of a few Ayurvedic medicines and tonics.

Drinking aloe vera early morning will help the body in flushing out all the poisons

Aloe vera gives the body basic minerals, nutrients, and cancer prevention agents. It is likewise easily accessible in the market. It can be eat plain and alongside different juices like karela, or tulsi.

Different kind of stomach related issues, including blocked digestion, constipation, acidity, and gas, are believed to be fought and soothed by day by day intake of aloe vera juice. Aloe vera is likewise useful in expanding apetite and controlling weight increase.

Aloe vera juice assists with keeping the skin spotless, brilliant and nourishes hair development. The effective utilization of aloe vera can calm burns and wounds. It is likewise good for moisturizing skin and scalp.

Method for preparing juice

Blend aloe vera with 200 ml of water. To improve the taste add an equivalent amount of Kerala. For the most extreme outcomes drink the juice on an unfilled stomach.

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