Picture: Special kind of Chocolate Shake that most people like
Picture: Special kind of Chocolate Shake that most people like

The greater part of us love dessert! There are incalculable various flavors and fixings to pick, from natural product to whipped cream to treat bits to oreos, frozen yogurt is an ideal escape.

Besides, frozen yogurt has a method for bringing individuals sheer happiness and solace.

Regardless of whether it’s during the pinnacle of summer or the dead of winter, frozen yogurt is essentially the remedy for pretty much anything.


This new sweet bar will be your friend in need and top decision for various reasons. Right off the bat it includes a wide scope of frozen yogurts and different treats. It’s a comfortable spot that gives a retro vibe which is ideal for your Instagram feed.

The desert parlor shouts innovative neon and each alcove of it is attractive.

We thoroughly love the way HeyDay isn’t only a shut space yet in addition outside which is ideal for you to make the most of your treat in the frosty chilly climate.

It is pocket friendly. In any case, it will positively add some additional creeps to your midriff since you’re going to get snared to some lip-smacking desserts!

To wrap things up, the fixings are crisp and the quality that Heyday gives its purchasers is likewise consoling.

Their Brownie Shake and you’ll express gratitude toward us later! The thick chocolate shake is a fantasy materialized for somebody who wants to enjoy chocolate and gooey brownie.


The world’s biggest chain of dessert claim to fame shops opened its entryway in Karachi a couple of months back.

From vanilla or mint chocolate chip, strawberry cheesecake and chocolate mousse royale, Baskin Robbins never neglects to astonish us with their super quality and spectacular taste. Another upside? There is no trade off on quality.

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