As winter has started, you should eat healthy food in this season to keep yourself healthy.

You feel hungry and want to eat more than expected in winter and we need more nutrient C. Nutrient C helps reduce heart illness, average utilization of nutrient C can stops colds.

1-Juicy fruits

Fruits including oranges and grapefruit and practically all winter juicy and delicious fruits are rich in nutrient C, which is particularly useful in lessening the seriousness of coughs and colds.

2-Makki ki Roti or Saag

Corn flour is without gluten and good in heating. Make corn tortillas and have them with famous and delightful mustard leaves. Iron-rich mustard leaves contain nutrient B complex, nutrient A, nutrient C, nutrients, beta-carotene and Selenium is discovered which is useful for digestion adding skin, hair, heart and brain wellbeing, greens are additionally very helpful for immunity system.

3-Bajray ki roti Or Sabzi

With the beginning of winter, new, beautiful, scrumptious and healthy vegetables are accessible in the market. Eat these vegetables with millet flour tortillas rather than wheat. Millet additionally fixes joint pain. Millet contains a great deal of magnesium Which additionally positively affects heart wellbeing, because of the potassium and fiber in it, cholesterol levels stay adjusted and help the blood to flow appropriately.

Millet is rich in numerous minerals and fiber, you can have it with lentils or vegetables.

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