The only option they have is to impose a smart lockdown. PM Imran Khan

The PM Imran Khan said that the infection was spreading at a quick speed.

PM Imran Khan on Saturday worried upon the majority to carefully actualize the standard operating procedures SOPs’ planned for limiting increase of coronavirus outbreak in the nation.

He, anyway indeed stand up against the idea of a total lockdown, and said that carrying economy to an end was not manageable for an advance nation like Pakistan.

Imran Khan said that the main choice they have is to force a smart lockdown. “Our nation couldn’t bear results of lockdown as 25 percent of the populace lives underneath the poverty segment.”

He fault the outbreak for shortage in government incomes and said that it made trouble for them to set up the yearly financial budget plan.

The PM cautioned the majority of testing time on whether they neglect to agree to the developed SOPs. The nation will have bad outcomes if SOPs are not followed appropriately, he said while worrying that masses didn’t follow the preventative steps.

He said that it has been shown that utilization of masks minimize increase of coronavirus by 50%. Utilize your masks while going in public places, stated the PM Iman Khan while notifying the deadly virus could have serious outcomes for older people and individuals having different health problems

The PM likewise coordinated the Corona Tiger Relief Force volunteers and government functionaries to find out those going out openly without covers and make strict move against them

He said that they needed to raise lockdown because of economic circumstance however the majority thought as though it was lifted after the virus is finished.

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