Govt making decisions that are in the best interest of its people to control the spread of the coronavirus.

Special Assistant to PM on Health Dr Zafar Mirza said that the legislature has settled on tough decisions to guarantee there is a stability between saving lives and continuing income.

Mirza said on Wednesday that the legislature is settling on choices which are to the greatest advantage of its people so as to control the increase of the coronavirus.

The SAPM, in a reference to the World Health Organization’s letter, said that the administration is following an ‘all-encompassing technique’ to battle the infection.

He said that the nation has decreased the lockdown limitations, in spite of the fact that it has authorized SOPs for public spots, transportation, and industries.

Dr Mirza said that the nation has a ‘powerful’ following, testing and isolate strategy to think about the hotspots and shut them.

“At present there are in excess of 700 such smart lockdowns set up,” he said.

The SAPM additionally commended the role and direction provided by the WHO during the coronavirus outbreak.

In a letter to the Punjab government on Tuesday, the WHO praised the provincial government’s attempts in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

Be that as it may, the worldwide health watchdog likewise suggested authorizing an exacting fourteen day lockdown in Punjab as the quantity of coronavirus cases keeps on developing in the region.

WHO stated, cases expanding past 100,000 in Pakistan is a reason for concern, including that the SOPs ought to be followed overwhelmingly.

Starting today, Pakistan recorded in excess of 113,500 cases of the infection or more 2,200 deaths.

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