The drama is written by Qaisara Hayat and directed by Ali Hassan.

The cast includes Hania Amir, Shehroze Subzwari, Mohib Mirza, Jibran, Nabeel Zubairi and Asad Siddiqui.

Sanam is shown as a cheerful, pretty and incredibly flirty girl who is playful and dashing. It is indicated that her dad, brother and elder sister trust her and help her all the time even with her mom’s strict behavior, she generally figures out how to celebrate and appreciate life

Sanam is easily playing her love games with three boys one after another. The worst thing is that she is doing it with Sabih who is Sanam’s phuppo child. She is getting the money for him at her best.

Sabih imagines that Sanam likes him and she will marry him, yet then she rejected Sabih’s love, Sabih listens everything about him that she is simply time passing with him, he’s not her type

Another innocent boy, the shop owner Junaid who is giving her costly gifts. His dad is worried about his child’s activities so he follows him and there he sees him introducing a very expensive suit to Sanam.

Third one is Ayaz. He is actually a dangerous individual with deadly aims of catching her. He calls her and offers her a photo shoot. At first Sanam rejects however then she appears to be satisfied. He will make a mess in Sanam’s life she has no idea that he has tricked her.

The tables turn when Razi needs to cancel his marriage when Zoya commands Razi that his family needs to come and apologize to her mom

Razi has made the best choice yet then family older recommend Razi’s mom to make Sanam her daughter in law. She is prepared to accept her yet Sanam has problems she wouldn’t like to get married that soon yet then her mom who is being mean forces her to wed Razi. She joyfully says I do on her nikkah in front of Sabih.

But when Ayaz came to know about Sanam’s wedding, as he was the photographer of her reception function, so he decided to take revenge, he has her photoshoot pics and he will going to misuse them.

When Junaid’s mom sees Sanam in the hospital and she pulls her to Junaid’s room and she is yelling at her and Junaid too begins talking and arguing her, reminding Sanam to remember every one of her promises she used to make to him.  The terrible part is that Razi overhears what Junaid is saying to Sanam and he is truly upset.

Later Razi discovers all the proof in types of cards and gifts alongside Sabih Bhai’s mobile at Sanam’s home. He is very shocked and upset to realize that she is the girl who broke his brother’s heart.

Then Ayaz brings the collection of photos and there Razi sees Sanam’s close pictures with Ayaz. Razi goes at Ayaz’s studio where Ayaz claims that he had an affair with Sanam that he gives him 10 lacs if he backs off! On his way home Razi met a terrible accident and died.

Now Sanam is paying the price of her sins.

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