Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

The social media was flooded from the viral videos of “Locusts invading Karachi” this Monday, 11 Nov 2019 when people started posting videos of a this grasshopper.

What is Govt point of view?

According to the Department of Plant Protection of the Ministry of National Food Security and Research, the desert locust activity observed in Malir and adjoining areas of Karachi is part of the creature’s migration from summer-monsoon.

What happened after this new?

The social media is flooded of the viral videos of Locusts invading Karachi, Facebook and twitter gone crazy

#Karachi: Swarms of Locusts invade #BalochColony & Shahra-e-Faisal right now. (12:40pm) #KHIAlerts

Now here is another tweet by Areebah on “Locust invasion in Karachi” so people can see the video where city is under attack by an army of locusts.

Tweet by Times of Pakistan:

A swarm of locusts, also known as ‘Tiddi Dal’ attacked #Karachi and its adjoining areas today so the farmers have expressed grave concern over their locust-infested fields and appealed to the authorities to take measures in a timely manner to save their crops.

Mostly people tweet that these locusts are invading baloch colony and sharah e faisal area

Some people criticized the Government performance over clean and safe Karachi

“Ya ALLAH rehamMai tu kehti t Government ko karachi ko band krna chahye sb logo ko nikal krrr aur karachi k hrr galy hrr sarak ko thk krkyyyy saaaf safai krkyyy Karachi kooo logo k jeeny k mustahiq bana ki thk krdy”

Ayesha Mysorewala: “In my balcony in #karachi. Massive swarms of locusts! “

Reply by Hamza Baig: “Mairy ghr mai BH a gay thy par is tarha nh ay jiss tarha apky ghr mai hen opar opar he thy mairy ghr mai to”

What and Why?

Locusts are short horned grass hoppers.

The desert locusts of Africa and Asia are normally solitary but spring rains trigger a behavioral transformation that can results in a swarms of locust.

According to Nadeem Farooq Paracha:

Locust invasion in Karachi.

The last major attack took place in 1961 (pic 2).

According to experts, the locusts have flown in from the coastal areas of Balochistan.

They believe this invasion is due to heavy rains in Sindh and Balochistan during the monsoon season.

People are enjoying Locusts dishes.

After this invasion of locusts there are many people who love to have locusts BRIYANI, KARAHI and CHAPLI KABAB in Karachi and other areas.

According to some Islamic scholars this is purely halal and people can eat it.

Minister of Agriculture of Sindh, Ismail Rahoo reply gone viral

Minister of Agriculture of Sindh, Ismail Rahoo suggested an abusrd solution to deal with the situation as matter of fact In a video going viral on the internet.

Ismail Rahoo asked the citizens to cook the locusts, have it as a barbeque dish or biryani or kadhai.

He was asked by journalists that either the locust may cause any threats to the people living in the city?

The minister replied, “The urbanites can instead cook and eat them as matter of fact it does not cause any threat to the city people.”

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