Special helicopters flown for saving people, including women, children and elderly to safer places, ISPR

The Army’s rescue’s attempts in Dadu had started on Saturday after heavy rainfall break the Nai Gaj Dam, flooding the close by towns. The ongoing rainfall had made harm the dam, bringing about the break of its flood security wall, the ISPR stated.

The Pakistan Army and Pakistan Navy have given medical consideration to more than 150 individuals and issued more than 34,000 ration packs in flood-hit Dadu.

More than 350 towns in Sindh’s Dadu district have been flooded following four days of heavy rainfall, making life hard for the citizens.

Some 200 clay houses had fall down and many of solar tubes well were lowered because of heavy rainfall causing power blackouts in the nearby districts.

Special helicopters were flown for protecting individuals including ladies, children and old to more secure spots and issued cooked meals was likewise guaranteed other than the arrangement of important medical consideration.

Pakistan Army additionally sent in boats to save individuals and transport them to more secure spots.

Pakistan Army in a joint effort with local authorities protected more than 300 individuals as help and rescue activities proceeded all through the district.

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