Muqaddar, a story about money, power and its outcomes.
Sardar Saif brings Raima to his home SOURCE: OYEYEAH.COM

Haris’ mom gets sick and she dies at the hospital. Raima requests to go to Saif’s home as opposed to going to her mami’s funeral. She realizes that there will be terrible reactions from Saif’s first wife and daughter.

She is moving to Saif’s home because he isn’t giving proper time to his family however she isn’t understanding that her good intentions may break her forever. Even with the fact that the farmhouse she resides in with Sardar Saif means living in disconnection, her wish to shift into Saif House may disturbs her life.

Amazingly, Farkhanda had not responded strongly to her husband’s second marriage. However, seeing Raima in her home will definitely add fire to her reaction which Farkhanda is controlling.

Sardar Saif brings Raima to his home and introduces her with his daughter as her second mother. Abeerah gets so much shocked but in addition, she is stressed over her mom who gets shocked on observing Sardar Saif giving Raima her place. Raima ought to have felt bad over her coming to their place and upsetting them however there is no such indication. Saad says that he is going to help her Tayee and Abeerah and says that Taya Jaan has wronged his Tayee.

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