PM Imran said that Pakistan could not recognize Israel as a state unless it gave freedom to Palestine.

The State of Palestine on Wednesday said thanks to the PM for his solid response on Israel, other than offering thanks to the legislature for stretching out help to the Palestinian cause.

Stopping the solid support it got from Islamabad, Palestinians believe Pakistan as our second country and Pakistanis as our dearest brothers, who consistently help Palestine on each level of the world.

Prime minister Imran Khan crystal clear said that Pakistan couldn’t identify Israel as a state except if it offered freedom to Palestine.

“In the event that we identify Israel and avoid the brutalities faced by Palestinians, we should surrender the cause of Kashmir too, and this we can’t do.”

PM Imran said that Pakistan won’t build up strategic relations with Israel till the Palestinians don’t get their very own different state, which the individuals of Palestine accept, in view of the Two-Nation Theory.

Each legislature of Pakistan has consistently support the cause of Palestine on all the levels of the world. This is simply because of Pakistanis love towards Palestine that Israeli and Pakistani relations have never been set up,

“We are hopeful that this help will be with us until we get a free State of Palestine with Jerusalem Al-Quds as its capital.”

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