Saraab, a story of a girl with mental health issues who has created her own world in her mind.

Drama serial Saraab is written by Edison Idrees, directed by Mohsin Talat and Produced by Moomal Entertainment & MD Productions.

The cast includes Sami Khan, Sonya Hussain, Auranzeb Laghari, Farida Shabbir, Ghana Ali, Nazish Jehangir, Sajid Shah & Others.

Hooriya (Sonya Hussyn) with mental health problems who has made her own reality in her mind.

Hooriya’s cousin (Sami Khan) is definitely interested in her and Hooriya insanely loves him as well. In her creative world and dreams, she has built up a more strong relationship with him which in all actuality, he himself doesn’t have the any idea. At the point when he meets her in the morning she discloses to him that he was with her the entire night and ask him to go if her sister or mom will see him with her. Her cousin was thinking about what Hooriya is talking about.

Hooriya’s mom appears to be a typical woman who is keeping bitterness with Hooriya’s cousin’s family who happens to be her sister in law as well, Hooriya’s sister Nayab likewise loves her cousin but she has an idea that he is interested in Hooriya.

Hooriya’s dad is truly stressed over her psychological health and he shares this to his wife, she reveals to him that she knows some Peer who can heal this sickness with his spiritual powers.

Hooriya’s sister’s brother in law also like Hooriya. He shares his feelings to his bhabi who gets stressed as she has an idea regarding her sister’s psychological state however when she shares this to her mom she feels that it is the best time to wed her off to the house where her sister is there to deal with her. Hooriya hears this discussion and she is again dreaming where she shares her tension to her cousin and he is guaranteeing her that he will deal with it and he is declaring his love to her.

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