Mera dil mera dushman.

Mera Dil Mera Dushman is a show that airs on Monday through Wednesday, restoring the time slot by Damsa. In Mera Dil Mera Dushman, Alizeh Shah plays a little youngster who ends up marries to an a lot more an old man, played by Yasir Nawaz and faces a ton of trouble in this marriage.

Yasir Nawaz plays Zafar, a man with a sick wife and a young daughter. What’s fascinating (and alarming) to see is Zafar’s hatred for his extremely ill wife, giving no indications of having a soft side for her, however, with regards to his daughter Aisha, Zafar is caring and loyal. He puts his daughter at number one and, after her mom’s death, he watches out for the on-goings in the house and the negative perspectives towards his daughter. While Zafar appears to have been a bad husband, it’s pleasant to see that Zafar is there for Aisha to protect her from the troubles in their home.

On the opposite side, Alizeh Shah plays Mairah, a blameless young girl who lives with her brother, bhabi and mother. Mairah is a young girl who is misused by her Bhabi, a lady who is so filled up with meanness, she is eager to sell her sister-in-law to get what she needs. Mairah winds up helpless before her vulgar neighbor when her bhabi has her contracted as the neighbor’s home maid.

Noman Sami is presented as Shahmeer, Mairah’s likely love interest. What’s more, with it being uncovered that Shahmeer is Zafar’s nephew.

Watching Mairah twist all day every day to secure herself is hard to watch, it’s difficult to watch this innocent, blameless be disloyal by the entirety of her relationships, especially her brother who ought to be ensuring her. On the opposite side, Zafar is a character that is hard to peruse now. Yasir Nawaz is constantly a joy to watch on-screen and here, it’s no less. Zafar is a caring dad, however his behavior towards his wife was awful. It will be fascinating to view how Mairah and Zafar end up married.

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