PM Shehbaz Sharif announces new times for government offices
New Office Timings As Part of Austerity Measures. source:

Prime Minister (PM) Shehbaz Sharif announced new timings for federal government offices. They start at 7:30, previously which used to be 8:00. This policy will be effective immediately and apply to all federal government offices nationwide. The prime minister also stated that the luxury cars the cabinet would receive would be returned as part of austerity measures. This step aims to reduce unnecessary expenses and ensure efficient use of resources therefore, these steps were taken because of the difficult economic situation the country is facing.

Electricity supply: 

To reduce spending, government members must pay their utility bills, including electricity, gas, and water. This decision is expected to save significant money that can be used in other areas, such as debt repayment. The government also warned against reducing electricity in shopping malls after 5 p.m., if necessary. This step will save energy and reduce the load on the national power grid. Hopefully, this measure will help prevent blackouts and ensure sufficient electricity as the country faces oil shortages.

Economic crisis:

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif urged government officials and citizens to follow the strategy to strengthen the country’s economy and ensure a better future for all Pakistanis. These steps are expected to save money and lead to greater efficiency and productivity in the government sector. Furthermore, no new department or division will be created, whether at Tehsil Level or at the Centre. However, the Prime Minister said that Government officers would not be allotted more than one plot, and Government meetings would be one-dish only, while tea and biscuit would be served at other conferences.

Austerity measures:

  • All federal cabinet members, advisers, and special assistants to forgo salaries and other advances
  • The cabinet members are to pay their utility bills
  • All cabinet members are to return all luxury vehicles which will be auctioned
  • Only one security vehicle to be provided to cabinet members when needed
  • Cabinet members and government officers to travel in the economy for domestic and foreign trips; support staff are not permitted to tag along
  • Cabinet members to not stay in five-star hotels during foreign visits
  • All divisions, departments, subordinates, and other government entities under the federal government to slash current expenditure by 15pc
  • Purchasing luxury items, all types of vehicles are banned till June 2024
  • Official cars being used by government officers availing of monetization schemes will be recalled
  • Security vehicles will no longer be provided to government officers
  • Teleconferencing will  promote reduced traveling expenses
  • No administrative unit or division, or subdivision is to be created for the next two years
  • “Single treasury account” to be established
  • Offices to open at 7:30 a.m. during summer
  • Government employees to not be allotted more than one plot
  • Only one dish will serve at all government events

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