Pakistan Receives One million Covid Vaccine Doses from China via 2 PIA Flights
Today, Islamabad receives 3rd Flight of Covid vaccines by 10 pm source:

Exclusive from Islamabad – Pakistan Receives aid from China:

Pakistan receives a considerable amount of coronavirus vaccines from China. However, the goal is to overtake the rapid spread of this breath-taking virus. Pk6582 & PK 6583 are assigned two PIA airplanes to carry these vaccines from China to Pakistan. Also, flights will land in Islamabad. Pakistan receives about 300,000 covid vaccines from China. Three Chinese firms provide the vaccines to Pakistan. CanSino, a Chinese firm that provides about 20 million vaccines, Sinopharm delivers nearly 5.5 million, while Sinovac provides about 4.5m of Covid vaccines.

Pakistan receives third flight from China by 10 pm:

According to the spokesman of PIA airlines, each plane contains over 300,000 Vaccine dosages. In total, about 6 million covid vaccines arrive in Islamabad today. Furthermore, besides these two PIA flights, the third flight is also coming to Pakistan containing more vaccines. The third flight will reach by 10 pm sharp. After the previous consignment, Pakistan already started to vaccinate people, especially the elderly and health professionals. With China’s help, Pakistan will be able to inoculate people of every age.

However, the cure to this hazardous disease has become essential. This virus is taking a massive number of lives daily as the third wave of coronavirus is mighty. So, people need covid vaccines to secure their lives. Seeing this disastrous situation, the government of Pakistan receives help from China.  Chinese firms are sending an excellent service in the form of vaccines.

Closing Thoughts:

Regarding this issue, Boeing 777s, the national flag carrier, is used to bring the vaccine doses of coronavirus from China to Pakistan.  As a matter of fact, coronavirus is spreading so instantly, and it almost grabs the whole world.  To conclude, it seems that it is the only way to protect the country from this dangerous virus.

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