Ducky Bhai responds to Indian registered Youtube channel controversy.

One of the twitter users uncovered that Saad ur Rehman’s YouTube channel named ‘Ducky Bhai’ that has just about 2 million Pakistani supporters and is considered as top class ‘Pakistani blogging channel’ is for sure enlisted from the rival nation India.

Saad AKA Ducky Bhai couldn’t allow pointed fingers and criticism as he made his come back with a logical clarification, silencing all the rivals.

When criticized by the twitter users for being a plaster saint, Ducky Bhai reacted with, “Something else that is circling that my Channel nation shows India. It’s not my flaw if you never made a YouTube channel so let me direct you. There is no Super talk and membership highlight in Pakistan. So you have to change the location to the qualified province.”

He further stated, I am a gamer/live streamer and I need my live streams to appropriately work. I’ll change the location to USA or UK in the event that you need however can’t change to Pakistan in light of no live streams highlights. Much the same as you have to change your Facebook page location to empower your modification.

Moreover, Saad’s tweets satisfied a tremendous larger part of his fans, while a few users criticized him, recommending he could’ve chosen some other nation as opposed to India.

Ducky Bhai is full with answers to all criticism tossed towards him, as he answered to this hate speech with, this is on the grounds that occasionally your channels gets hacked or some different issues happens they can allot me with Hindi/Urdu talking individual for better discussion.

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