Kuwait, Iran Authorities Ban flights from India due to Covid Pandemic -
Iran has also suspended air arrivals from Pakistan source: samaa.tv

Dubai Exclusive-Kuwait lifts Ban on Indian Air Arrivals:

Kuwait and Iran impose a complete ban on Indian flights due to the extreme effects of Covid-19. Not only India, other countries are on this ban list. The list includes Bangladesh, the Philippines, India, and Pakistan as well. The primary reason for this restriction is the disastrous Corona outbreak. A majority of the public is affected by this third wave. Moreover, due to this, the majority of the hospitals run out of oxygen, and the ratio of deaths is increasing rapidly. The most used and busiest airline, United Arab Emirates, has already announced to suspend the incoming and as well as outgoing flights from India. Due to health issues, the airline directors are forced to terminate commercial air connections with India.

The government of Kuwait allows its residents to return:

The Kuwait ministry permits only the people with Kuwait Nationality to return via Emirates. Migrant employees gather about 70% of Kuwait’s population. They include thousands of Indians. Muhammad Hassan Zibaksh says, “From midnight, the flights to and from Pakistan and India will be restricted.” There will be no connection between Iran and India via air rivals. Talking about the price of tickets, it seems that there is a massive increase in fares. The cost of a one-way flight ticket from Mumbai to Dubai is about 80,000 ($1000). This amount is ten times the regular price. Moreover, when this ten-day flight ban comes into force, no ticket will be available for travel.


About 3.3 million Indians are residents in the United Arab Emirates. This is about 1-third of the country’s population, and the majority of it is in Dubai. Regarding this situation, Canada also takes its steps and bans flights from India and Pakistan for a month. The United States departments put strict bans from sending and receiving Indian flights even if the passengers take covid vaccines. This new Covid strain is causing disastrous situations all over the globe.

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