Pakistan is an Agricultural country, which means Agriculture is the back bone of Pakistan. Which is obvious that substantial amount of water in Pakistan is very significant.

Pakistan is naturally one of the most God gifted minerals that can solve various problems like, we have tremendous amount of coal that can help us generate electricity, there are a lot of gold mines which can help this country to be a loan-free country, we have the tarbela dam which is the biggest dam of Pakistan which can help us make a lot of more dams and end the water crisis.

The only negative point here is that we are not using our resources in a proper way as we should. If we start doing it we can do wonders and end all the crisis.

Pakistan needs almost 150 dams to overcome her water crisis as according to the UNO report, Pakistan is on the 7th in the list of countries which are facing water crisis around the world.

In 2019 The prime minister Imran khan addressed all these issues .He called attention to that Pakistan had a complete water surge of 145 million section of land feet, of which 80% was in a quarter of a year and just 20% was in rest of the nine months (of the year).

The Prime Minister included that there were just 185 dams in Pakistan of which just two were enormous ones. “Interestingly, India has 5,000 dams and China has 84,000 dams, including 4,000 enormous ones.” He focused on the need to turn away the approaching water emergency going up against Pakistan.

“Arrangement of 5,000,000 houses furnished with every fundamental office, and regularization of ghettos is the first need of the legislature,” the head said.

PM worried there was a need to turn away the approaching water emergency going up against Pakistan.

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