Electronic Passport: PM to Launch E-Passport Facility in Islamabad
Prime Minister Imran Khan will launch Electronic Passport Facility. source: dawn.com

Prime Minister Imran Khan to launch the Electronic passport facility today in Islamabad in a ceremony to be held in Islamabad. Furthermore, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid has announced that PM Imran Khan will unveil the e-passport site today in Islamabad. The minister added that the E-Passport site would initially be available to diplomatic officials and government officials before it could be presented to the public.

The E-Passport Facility :

Electronic passports will be equipe with the latest biometric chip that includes several security features. In line with international standards, an e-passport will facilitate Pakistani citizens’ rapid and easy migration during their travels, the state broadcaster reported. The use of modern technology will make it impossible to make fake electronic passports. With the service launch, the country will be one of the many countries with an electronic passport system, security reinforcement, and smooth international travel.

The interior minister said 29 new security features had been added to the E-Passport. He called for the launch of the electronic passport service as one of the major developments in Pakistani travel documents since 2004. At the time of writing, Prime Minister Imran Khan introduced the center in Islamabad. Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, the prime minister said the people behind the conspiracy did not want Pakistan to have an independent policy.

What are electronic passports :

An E-Passport is a chip with a biometric identification card that enhances the visibility and security of travel documents. They are designed to simplify work at passport checkpoints. Malaysia became the first country to issue an electronic passport in 1992. As of 2017, about 120 countries have adopted the system safely. More than one billion electronic passports have been issued in 150 countries. Benefits of electronic passports include:

  • To safely identify the traveler.
  • To protect from identity theft.
  • To protect privacy,
  • making it difficult to change the document again
  • cheap to produce

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