Source: Arab News - FATF Assembly
Source: Arab News - FATF Assembly

As the world knows that India was trying its best to get Pakistan put in FATF black list by blackmailing member countries.

However, due to efficient diplomatic activities by PM Imran Khan and team all investment and time of India went in vain which increase the frustration level of India.

India in result started giving the same old empty threats of altering the flow of rivers towards Pakistan and the defense minister of India giving Nuclear threats.

“but everyone knows the “barking dogs never bite” the phrase fit for India”

India is trying its best to pottery Kashmir movement as an Islamic terrorism.

however, after speech of Imran khan in UN it got very clear that what are the intentions of India against the peaceful struggle of Indian Muslims for right of self determination.

The Indian media has been threatened by Modi Govt so on every channel you will find out the panels of propagandists obsessed with Pakistan.

Even if a bird cross the border they suspect that it is sent by Pakistan and they shoot it (it is a fear which is good).

On the other hand Pakistan is playing very well in world politics where Prince william and Pricess Kat arrived for 5 days visit in Pakistan.

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This visit shows the soft image of Pakistan in the world.

also it helps a lot for Pakistan to show the world that it is a peaceful country like other peaceful countries which increase the frustration among the certain Indians.

Pakistani Measures and Progress:

  • An FATF meeting in Paris on Tuesday reviewed the measures that Islamabad has already taken to control money laundering and terror financing.
  • The meeting observed that Islamabad will have to take further steps in these four months until the next review in February 2020.
  • A Pakistani delegation led by Minister for Economic Affairs Hammad Azhar told the meeting that Islamabad has made positive progress in 20 out of 27 points.
  • The FATF expressed satisfaction on the measures taken by Pakistan and its progress in various areas.
  • Six days of FATF meetings will focus on disrupting financial flows linked to crimes and terrorism and discuss ways to contribute to global safety and security.

China, Turkey and Malaysia appreciated the steps taken by Pakistan

There is also speculation that Pakistani allies China, Malaysia and Turkey have all pledged to keep Pakistan off the FATF black-list if such a resolution is proposed by any member of the body this week. 

The Gulf Cooperation Council, and Saudi Arabia, which are joining FATF as observer nations, have also shown a willingness to back Pakistan and keep the country away from the black-listing.

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