Nawaz Sharif’s Fake Covid Vaccine Entry, Probe committee submits report
Nawaz Sharif’s Fake Covid Vaccination Entry. source:

Lahore: A three-member committee investigating the alleged infiltration of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s Covid-19 vaccine has revealed that a ward official and chowkidar were given the “most important” vaccination job at the Kot Khwaja immunization center.

Former Prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s Covid-19 vaccination 

The Punjab government ordered an investigation after the immunization center at Kot Khwaja Hospital registered the Covid-19 vaccine at the CNIC of PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif.

Serious lack of supervision

The research committee compiled the report after recording the doctor’s and paramedics’ statements and reviewing the relevant documents and circumstantial evidence. “There is a serious shortage of medical care (MS) and Additional MS (Focal Person of Covid-19 Vaccination in hospital),” the team said in the report.

The important task of immunization

It said no relevant staff would be overseeing the vaccination process and the online installation of Covid-19 data at the vaccination center. “Also, the most important vaccine job was given to Ward Servant (BS-02) and Chowkidar (BS-01) hospital, which is an unbearable act of gross negligence at the end of the Medical Superintendent and the hospital’s Additional Medical Superintendent (Emergency)  Focal Person,” read the report.

Recommended Seven Officers be put under suspension.

It is recommended that seven officials be arrested, including MS of health center Ahmad Nadeem, Additional MS Dr. Munir Ahmad, receipt secretary Naveed Altaf, nurse Saba Riaz, ward servant Adil Rafique and chowkidar Abu Ul Hassan.

The government had blocked the CNIC of Nawaz Sharif

Meanwhile, the PML-N has questioned the reliability of the Covid-19 vaccination record after reports emerged of a fake impeachment of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in the previous day. Punjab party spokesman Azma Zahid Bukhari questioned how Mr. Sharif’s data had been uploaded to the immunization website while the government banned his CNIC. The misuse of the former prime minister’s CNIC number, however, has tarnished the credibility of all Covid-19 data

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