Kasak, is a love story but the couple will not be lovey-dovey.

The drama serial is written by Muhammad Maqsood, directed by Kashif Saleem and Atif Rathore and produced by Six Sigma Plus Production.

The cast includes Junaid Khan, Iqra Aziz, Javed Sheikh, Seemi Pasha, Aisha Toor, Salman Saeed, Khalid Malik, Falak Shahzad, Fahima and Jahanzaib.

Faryal as Iqra Aziz is a strong girl and has a solid character. She doesn’t believe in the concept that money can purchase happiness. She needs to marry an individual she loves whether he isn’t rich. She believes that the caring couple can comple te a home.

Daniyal as Junaid Khan had a wife who left him since she believed that Daniyal is a self-centred man.

Faryal felt that her motherly auntie has come over with her child for her proposal. However, the situation was totally unique. Daniyal with his dad was there for the marriage. Although, Daniyal doesn’t appear to be happy with the proposal.

However, Faryal wants to marry Junaid, her cousin. In this manner, she locked herself in the room and stands up to the entire family.

Arsalan, the elder brother of Faryal scolds her for being immature and says that Junaid’s mom has rejected for the proposal. Although, after a long Faryal finished the discussion by saying that she would not marry Daniyal.

Daniyal’s dad thought that because of his stupidity and ignorance Daniyal has numerous imperfections. Besides, he feels that Faryal would be the ideal individual for Daniyal and his child.

Saniya the ex-wife of Daniyal married another man, Shahwaiz and she appears to be happy with him. However, Saniya has an issue, she gets bored with things or individuals very soon. Although, Shahwaiz has the idea she may get bored of him as well.

Faryal is a person who knows very well how to love and how to be cherished. Whereas, Daniyal knows nothing about love and care. Faryal is a girl of a solid attitude and remains on her choice. How Daniyal and Faryal love each other as they are completely different from each other.

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