PM Imran Khan authorized TV channels across Pakistan to broadcast Nawaz Sharif’s speech.
Imran allowed broadcast of Nawaz’s speech: SOURCE: GEO.TV

Prime minister Imran Khan authorized the news channels across Pakistan to communicate PML-N’s supreme Nawaz Sharif’s speech at the All Parties Conference (APC).

The chief had dismissed the recommendation from his assistants to compose a letter to the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) so as to shut off the transmission of Nawaz’s speech on media.

A day earlier, the legislature had said that it would utilize the PEMRA and different laws to make a move if the previous prime minister’s direct to the APC is communicated.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Political Communication, Dr Shahbaz Gill, had said that it was impractical that a runaway criminal participates in political exercises and gives talks.

He stated, “The Sharif family can tell only lies. They are such constant liars that they even lied about an illness.”

Prime Minister was informed that there were court commands in which the culprit was ban from offering expressions on media, advising that PEMRA should actualize such choices.

Although, prime minister Imran Khan disagreed with the proposals from his aides. PM stated, “Nawaz Sharif will open himself to the individuals with his speech. He Nawaz Sharif is lying so let him lie.”

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