Muqaddar, Sardar Saif’s wife wants to kill Raima.

Sardar Saif’s wife has completely understood her place and her fallen position when Raima so appropriately insults her back when she attempts to show her a lesson. Her pride is broken into pieces. Raima is simply being a typical Sotan.

Sardar Saif’s wife attempts to attack her character however Saad arises and says that her character is perfect, later he gets seriously scorned by his Tayee Ammi for agreeing with Raima.

Sardar Saif’s wife even attempts to make a scandal of Saad with Raima however Saad has not allowed that to occur. Raima becomes sick, Sardar Saif’s first wife is evil that she isn’t letting Saad call a doctor and when Saad privately advises the cook to make a soup for Raima, Sardar Saif’s wife attempts to poison that soup. Saad sees Tayee Ammi placing poison in the soup that is the means by which Raima is saved.

Raima in her bed is thinking that even with of Sardar Saif’s love, but she still loves Haris who so badly treats her. She has no choice but to adjust herself with Sardar Saif and it appears to be that she has done that, she is very happy with him.

There are a lot more twists to come will Sardar Saif’s first wife leave Raima alone or will try another plan to kill her.

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