Muhabbat Tujhe Alvida, Shafaq commits suicide when Shahaan refuses her to marry.
Shafaq attempts suicide: SOURCE: OYEYEAH.COM

Shahaan denies Shafaq to marry her and leaves her office. He discloses to Ulfaat that Shafaq’s part is shut from his life now as he has resigned and now nobody will upset their wedded life. Shafaq calls Shahaan and there she discloses to him that she won’t upset him ever as she is going to commit suicide.

Shahaan runs towards Shafaq’s home and there he discovers her unconscious at her room. Shafaq’s dad blames Shahaan making him answerable for this occurrence.

Shafaq is taking Shahaan’s name when she has not properly picked up consciousness. Shafaq’s dad goes to Shahaan’s place and requests him to come with him and save his daughter. Shahaan who is feeling regretful on this issue goes with him to the hospital.

Shafaq heals and it appears to be that she is additionally had been able to heal some of her lost dignity. She herself advises Shahaan to leave and furthermore that their chapter is now being shut for forever.

Ulfaat shamelessly goes at Shafaq’s place and helps her to remember her deal. Shafaq says that she can’t wed Shahaan and if she is stressing over the money she will give her she doesn’t need to stress. This is the main reason what Ulfaat is stressing for yet she acts that money is definitely not an issue for her.

There are a lot more twists to come that Shahaan has admitted that Shafaq seems to love him more than Ulfaat.

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