Pakistani weddings since the last few years has taken in a turn and changing the rituals in to everything except for calling it a ‘Weddings’. Weddings are all about dressing up in the heaviest makeup, jewellery and dresses. But hey, I am not talking about the bride, but the people other than bride. Bride’s cousins and friends are looking as same as her.

We Pakistanis are so much used to copying other’s lifestyle and everything others do that we don’t even look at ourselves, what we have, what we can do, how much can we afford. Brides need to wear the same priced dress as her friend had made on her wedding. The banquet should be more big in size than her cousin’s wedding because most of us have materialistic mindsets.

Before the actual “wedding day” there are numerous of events as dholki with friends, dholki with family, qawwali nights,  bridal showers, mayun, mehndi with well practiced dances, baraat, valima, then many other events after the wedding. That means, the weddings these days have just become a source of enjoyment for us, they are everything but in real are “hollow” from inside, that means weddings are for everyone except for the bride and the groom. Everyone just looks how much money people have invested.

These weddings are a source of great pain for a middle class family as they can’t afford much but need to take loans in order to settle themselves in the community otherwise “log kya kahenge?’.

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