Pakistan urged Indian government to secure Muslims protection & security in India.
Muslims protection & security in India: SOURCE: DAWN.COM

Pakistan has asked the Indian government to guarantee security and protection of minorities, especially Muslims and their places of worship, and satisfy its duties under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other worldwide instruments, including the suggestions of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Pakistan additionally called upon the global network, the United Nations and important worldwide associations to play their role in safeguarding the Islamic legacy places in India from the extremist ‘Hindutva’ system and guarantee security of minorities in India.

The statement said that defective judgment of the Indian Supreme Court in the Babri Mosque case in November 2019 not just reflected the power of confidence over equity yet additionally the developing majority in the India, where minorities, especially Muslims and their places of worships, were exceedingly under attack.

Muslims in India were deliberately threatened, throw away, underestimated and exposed to targeted brutality.

Recently, at the 47th meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers held at Niamey, the OIC called upon the Indian government to find a way to actualize its obligation to reproduce the Babri Mosque on its original place and to punish those answerable for its destruction, stop the development of mosque on its site, find a way to guarantee the assurance of the other 3,000 mosques, and guarantee the security and insurance of the Muslims and Islamic holy places all through India.

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