Mumkin – Upcoming Web Series Starring Faysal Quraishi.
STARZPLAY will soon release another Pakistani web series.

STARZPLAY will release another real Pakistani web series named Mumkin. Moreover, the director Shahid Shafaat directs the web series. and he supports popular dramas such as Jaal, Dil Mom Ka Diya, Kaafir, and ‘Tau Dil Ka Kia Hua.’ Moiz Umer and Imran Hussain compile them.

Cast Of Mumkin:

 Faysal Qureshi.

 Saleem Meraj.

 Sunil Shanker, Imran Patel.

Irsa Ghazal, Hajra Khan.

 Sana Ali Askari.

Hassam Khan.

Hammad Sadi.

All joined together to bring before the audience a series of crimes about a busy man, determined to do ‘painful revenge,’ as the creators of the web series put it. The story revolves around a man who rises against powerful enemies seeking revenge.

The Web Series Mumkin will Launch soon:

STARZPLAY is thrilled to announce that its new web series, Mumkin, will be launched soon. Imitating Faysal Quraishi, Saleem Meraj, Irsa Ghazal, Sunil Shankar, and other leading actors, Mumkin will be a drama of years, showing how far one can go for those who love. The star of a popular drama series such as ‘Dil e Momin’ and ‘Bashar Momin’ leads amazingly talented characters. However, Mumkin promises to reach the highest level as a Pakistani web series.

The Chairman of Cinepax Cinemas shared his views:

Arif Baig Mohammed, Chairman of Cinepax Cinemas, added, By launching our new crime program Mumkin, we have remained true to our commitment to producing high-quality web series and promoting local talent. Moreover, Mumkin director Shahid Shafaat shared his thoughts on the new series, “My first experience working with the OTT platform and it was great.”In our experience working with STARZPLAY, we have had the wonderful opportunity to work on a topic that is considered unacceptable on television. Moreover, the advantage of working with an OTT platform like STARZPLAY is that we can explore unusual issues often unavailable to our viewers. Mumkin will be one of the upcoming web series.

Karachi Division:

This crime drama series was the first of its kind for STARZPLAY and has grown rapidly into the most-watched web series on the platform. Directed by Pakistani film veteran Shamoon Abbasi, the Karachi Division tells the story of two gang leaders fighting for control of Karachi.

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